The Joy of Argument by Albert Navarra

Joy of Argument Albert NavarraThe Joy of Argument by Albert Navarra is now available from all major retailers, in print and digital formats.

There are things in life you want but will never get, unless you learn how to argue for them. And there are things in life you don’t want, but you’ll get them anyway, if you let others persuade you with weak arguments. Here you will learn how to get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t. You’ll learn The Joy of Argument.

“A decidedly simple guide to argument, written with understated style.”
–Kirkus Reviews

“I was hooked. Each of Navarra’s ways was solidly argued and seemed to illustrate the very purpose of the work, and it did so brilliantly. The author’s writing style maintains a balance of informality and reason that makes reading The Joy of Argument both a pleasant and an enlightening experience.”
–Jack Mangus, Readers’ Favorite

“With precision and clarity, Albert Navarra proves that argument does not need to be a damaging expression of conflict, but a powerful tool to express ourselves confidently, to achieve our goals, and to open up communication with others in a positive way.  Navarra knows his subject and provides easy to understand, simple tools that anyone can benefit from.”
–Joe Downing, attorney and author of The Abundant Bohemian