An Argument Is Not a Fight

For many people, the word “argument” brings to mind a fight between two red-faced individuals, voices raised, profanity flying, blood pressure stats off the charts.

But an argument is not a fight.


noun, ar·gu·men·ta·tion \ˌär-gyə-mən-ˈtā-shən,

the act or process of forming reasons and of drawing conclusions and applying them to a case in discussion


Argument is not a destructive method of conflict, but a tool we can use to express our opinions. Rather than a battle designed to wound pride and fracture relationships, a well-crafted argument can be used to communicate effectively, rationally and persuasively. Through good argument, the best ideas and opinions (eventually) surface and prevail.

Yet despite all the benefits of argument, few possess the ability to wield this powerful tool to their advantage. Examples of bad argument are everywhere — take a quick glance at the news, any political outlet, or the comment section on a social media post. Learning to argue well, instead of picking a fight, is a skill that takes knowledge and self-control.

The Joy of Argument was written to educate individuals who are tired of combative rhetoric, angry confrontation and purposeless fighting.  Simple enough for the everyday arguer, yet relevant for those using discourse professionally,  this book empowers its readers to be excellent arguers in an age of pointless bickering.

Argument is a part of your everyday life, and worth doing well. To learn more about The Joy of Argument click here.

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