The Joy of Argument Gift Guide

Argument is a holiday pastime practiced by thousands of Americans. Each year we gather in tiny, tinseled living rooms across the country to debate our differences with those we love the most.

In the spirit of Christmas cheer and familial debate, we’ve created a list of seven people who should be receiving The Joy of Argument under the tree:

  1. Your Great Uncle Barry, camped out in the recliner, yelling through every political show…and then the news, and then Jeopardy.
    • Bookmark chapters: “Don’t insult” and “When not to argue”
  2. Your college freshman cousin, treasurer of the intramural debate team, and full of confidence after earning a B- in statistics.
    • Bookmark chapters: “What do the numbers prove?” and “Show me the facts!” 
  3.  Your wildly inappropriate Uncle Larry, who meets you at the door every year with a slap on the back and a dirty joke.
    • Bookmark chapters: “Hot words” and “Don’t nauseate people”
  4. Whichever relative has most recently compared their own walk of life (uphill both ways), to the free ride of your generation.
    • Bookmark chapters: “Challenge authorities” and “Don’t assume the traditional way”
  5. Your kid brother who’s looking for payback now that he’s gone through puberty.
    • Bookmark chapters: “An argument is not a fight” and “Attack arguments, not people”
  6. Your Aunt Nelly, who once knocked over an entire quart of eggnog while talking with her hands.
    • Bookmark chapters: “Nerves” and “Watch your body language”
  7. You. Christmas is coming.
    • See the chapter: “Get ready”

Don’t dissapoint your family this year. There’s still time to get The Joy of Argument in time for Christmas if you order now. Find it on here, and select two-day shipping.

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