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Conquer Your Fear, State Your Opinions

You’ve probably heard that public speaking is feared more than death. But this doesn’t mean that all of those people have nothing they want to say.

If you’ve found yourself silently disagreeing with the conversation around the water cooler at work, or seething over the comment section of news articles without saying anything, you’re not alone. Stop unloading your opinions to your significant other at the end of the day.

Intelligent discussion, argument, discourse—it is possible to exchange differing ideas without a stressful, hostile outcome. To get your opinions across in a world of CAPS LOCK shouting matches and hurt feelings you need the power of the skill of argument.

With the proper education you can refute misleading data, shut down personal attacks, ask the right questions and conquer your nerves.

Some people are born with preternatural confidence, even if they’re not preternaturally competent. They’re not nervous making an argument anywhere, anytime. Good for them. But most people will fall somewhere on the spectrum of nervousness between butterflies and crippling self-doubt. Don’t let this stop you from expressing what you have to say through argument.

Better solutions are implemented when everyone feels free to offer their opinions for vigorous and open discussion and debate. What you know, your specific experiences and ideas, are unique and important. Don’t let fear keep you from joining an argument.

If you’re interested in learning how to make your voice heard, check out The Joy of Argument here. Written for the layperson by an experienced attorney, this easy-to-read guide to argument will educate you in the art of intelligent debate.