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Contest Alert: Craft an Absurd Argument, Win $100

How NOT to argue.

The Joy of Argument was written to help the everyday arguer hone their debate skills and create better discourse. Now there’s an opportunity for you to put these skills to the test, and possibly win $100.

Albert Navarra, author of The Joy of Argument, is sponsoring Columbus Creative Cooperative’s latest flash essay contest. Submit the most well-crafted argument you can for the most absurd stance you can think of (in 2,500 characters or less).

Click here for contest rules and instructions for entering. 

Two essays will be selected from the pool of submissions, netting each author $100 in prize money. This contest is open to the public and free to enter.

Need help getting started? Let The Joy of Argument¬†be your guide. Divided up into small, easily readable chapters, this book is a complete guide to argument from preparation to victory. So whether you’re trying to convince the judges of a flash essay contest that taxi drivers should all wear silly costumes, or you’re making a serious argument to stand up for what you believe in, knowing how to argue effectively is key in getting what you want.

Get a copy of The Joy of Argument for yourself here.

This flash essay contest is only open through July 15, so get your argument in while you can. Questions about the contest? Email the Columbus Creative Cooperative team at